About The Bowclamp™

What is a caul?

Caul: A plate or pad (often scrap wood) used as a spacer between clamp jaws and the item being clamped. Cauls distribute pressure and prevent clamp jaws from forming an imprint on the wood.

What makes The Bowclamp so special?

CNC technology used in the calculation and machining of the curve assures equal pressure everywhere The Bowclamp contacts your work-piece.

Couldn't I just make these myself?

Hand planing or sanding will produce, at best, an imperfect curve leaving areas void of clamping pressure and reducing pressure over all.

Do I need a specific type of clamp to use with The Bowclamp?

Bowclamps work with virtually any clamp on the market. While F-syle clamps attach into the T-slot, greatly reducing fumbling... pipe clamps and parallel jaw clamps fit right over the back and work equally well.

What sorts of uses are there for The Bowclamp?

Check out the projects page for a bunch of ideas!

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