The Bowclamp has a thousand uses in a woodshop - from affixing veneer to edge banding to panel glue ups. Below are a few examples to show you just how helpful The Bowclamp can be!

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Bowclamps were used in every step of this bookcase build!

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Edge Banding

The Bowclamp is perfect for gluing all types of hardwood edging, even veneer edge tape. No need to spend your entire tool budget on clamps.

Edge banding Edge banding Edge banding Edge banding Edge banding

Veneer Press

Don't fear veneer. The precision machining of the Bowclamp is accurate enough to be used to make a veneer press, providing equal pressure everywhere it contacts the work-piece. No fancy machinery or power tools required!

Veneer press Veneer press Edge banding Edge banding

Carcass Assembly

The Bowclamp works as a deep jaw clamp, going where no other clamp will go... out there... in the middle.

Carcass assembly Carcass assembly Panel Glue-Up

Face Frame Installation

A carpenter would nail it, and a cabinet maker would glue it and clamp it. But a clamp every few inches??? That's a lot of clamps... And hurry - your glue is drying! Now we can use one Bowclamp and two bar clamps per side, and get equal pressure, in less time for less money. Don't nail it... I'm beggin' ya!

Face frame installation Face frame installation Face frame installation


Equal pressure across 4 feet of glue-line. Better, faster, cheaper.

Lamination Lamination

Panel Glue-Up

Pressure all along the glue joint with only one clamp at each end.

Panel Glue-Up Panel Glue-Up


Panel Glue-UpPanel Glue-Up


Look, Ma - No Clamps!

With Bowclamps and a couple of shims we can get equal pressure across 4 feet... using no clamps at all! No need to spend a lot of money to do fine woodworking.

No clamps! No clamps! No clamps!
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