There's no better spokesperson for the Bowclamp than someone who has used one! Here are some nice things folks have said... (By the way, another great place to read what people have to say about the Bowclamp is on the Bowclamp Woodworkers' Forum at Talkfestool.com.)

"You'd have to be CRAZY to make your own... what's your time worth?"
Frank Klausz

The Bowclamp in action

"I want three dozen of those @%#&'n things in my shop."
Frank Pollaro

"SUPER, a real time saver...I'm impressed--Big Time."
Charles Neil

"Incredibly convenient...Great product."
Marc Spagnuolo

"On my list of the best money spent on shop stuff..."
Roger Savatteri

"I keep coming up with ways they solve problems for me."
Rob Hanson

"I use them all the time. They've become a normal part of my clamping strategy"
◊ Fred Kingston

"They work great... I see lots of other uses in the future."
◊ Phil Morris

"Fantastic... well built and finished."
◊ Scott Timmons

"Love 'em... really slick..."
◊ Bob Ross

"We love them. Craig from Zig Industries has done his homework."
◊ Jolene Verlanic

"Excellent product and very well made... I find more uses for them in my shop than I ever imagined."
◊ Dave O'nan

"They work as advertised... a very elegant solution to a pain in the butt task."
◊ Mike Cutler

"Very impressed... everything they are advertised to be."
◊ Jim Becker

"They aren't good cauls... not even very good cauls... they are EXCELLENT cauls."
◊ Chris Padilla

"These clamps would be a welcome addition to any woodworker's shop."
◊ Joe Mioux

"Perfect...Yep Perfect."
◊ Per Swenson

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